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How to Add URL to Directory

Submit URL is a directory and a international community portal here are some simple steps and criteria for you to submit your website (s) to the Directory.

How to submit your website URL to Directory:

To submit your website URL to Directory simply go to the category page that your website should be listed in and click the "Submit Website" link at the bottom of that page. Once your website is submitted it will be reviewed by our editors and, if accepted, placed in our directory.  We reserve the right to edit your entry or to place it in a different category as we see fit.

Website Submission Criteria:
  • Do not submit illegal websites and other content such as pornographic websites, Warez websites or promotes illegal activity.

  • Do not submit Redirect URLs

  • Do not submit URLs that have the same content to other websites you may have listed in the directory

  • Do not submit the same URL more than once

  • Do not submit websites that are under construction

  • Do not submit mirrored websites (same website with different url)

  • Do not submit Non English Sites.

  • Do not submit websites that largely consist of affiliation links


Edit A Submitted Website

If you need to edit a submitted website please contact us with your website url and list the desired change that needs to be made.


Q: How long does it usually take for my website to be submitted to the Directory?
A: It will usually take just under 48 hours for a editor to submit your website to the directory.

Q: Why should I submit my website to Directory?
A: Submitting your website will increase targeted visitors to your website from people searching the directory. Also as you submit your website to Directory you will be gaining a one way link to your website which will help you get ranked by other search engines such as Google®.

Q: Is it hard to submit a website to the directory?
A: No it should only really take no more than 30seconds to submit your website.

Q: How much does it cost to submit a website?
A: The current price we charge is a one time fee of $10 made payable via PayPal. We will soon make other methods of payments available.

Q: Do I have to link back to
A: No it is not necessary to link back to from your website in order to get your website submitted to the Directory.


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